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Thank you Liki!

After 18 months with the team as captain and in game leader, Ben 'Liki' Niuila and Encore have mutually decided to part ways

Throughout Dire Wolves, LFO and now Encore, Liki has been an instrumental piece to our roster whenever and wherever we have competed. As one of the fastest rising talents in Oceanic CS:GO, we are honoured to have shared a journey with him through both challenging hardships and incredible triumphs.

Upon joining the lineup Ben immediately took on the challenge of becoming a leader, and not only adapted but excelled at his new role, all while remaining one of the sharpest players in Oceania. Countless hours spent behind the scenes strategising and refining his game has led him to become the player he is today, and the mark and influence he left on this team will always be remembered and cherished.

We look forward to seeing Ben both inside and outside the server in future, we're sure he will continue to exceed expectations wherever his journey takes him next. We'll miss your banter and all the great memories we made together.

Thank you and good luck, Ben!

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